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We provide you with the inner secrets of the army that will help you become a more efficient fighting machine. Here we provide insight into the army observing their various techniques and what makes soldiers such gruesome fighters. Read on to fight like a soldier.


  • This is a book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to become a better fighter. It offers insight in hand to hand combat that will always ensure that you are ready for anything.
    Ronald D. Richmond
  • Growing in an insecure neighbourhood I have always been looking over my shoulder, worried that I might become the next victim of a mugging. However, since I read this book, I have developed confidence in myself and no longer look over my shoulders.
    Peter A. Levasseur
  • Insecurity has been an issue in our neighbourhood for a long time. While searching the internet, I got hold of this book that completely changed my perspective on combat. Not only did it make me a better fighter but it also made me feel more confident.
    Miguel D. Hernandez

Army Fighting Techniques


Army Fighting Secrets was made to provide users with information on the techniques that soldiers in various ranks to defend themselves and attack their opponent. The website was born out of the belief that army fighting techniques are more specific and just simply better than all other alternatives. Here is a place where you are bound to get the best advice in self-defence.